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The Halifax Public Gardens is one of the finest surviving examples of a Victorian Garden in North America, the Halifax Public Gardens is located in the heart of Halifax. Located on 17-acres and enclosed by a wrought-iron fence with a magnificent set of ornamental gates, take a leisurely stroll through the gardens to view many floral displays that include exotic and semi-tropical ornamental species, trees, shrubs, statues, and fountains. In 1874, the city of Halifax assumed responsibility for the original garden (N.S. Horticultural Society, 1836) and a civic garden (1867); the gardens were brought together by the present design in 1875.

The beauty of Long Lake Provincial Park lies not only in the nature and sense of being in the wilderness, but also in its location that is a 15 minute drive from downtown. Nestled in the heart of mainland Halifax, there are multiple access points. Long Lake contains what used to be a farm settlement as well as the remains of a road from the 1800s. The lake’s use as a water supply for the city of Halifax until 1980 is still evident by the dams and waterworks still visible.

Located just 23km from downtown Halifax, Duncan’s Cove is an amazing way to experience the diverse coastline that Nova Scotia has to offer. On the way, you may see seals sunbathing on rocks, waves crashing on shore, rolling hills and quiet coves, woods, cliffs, bunkers built for WWII and countless amounts of wildlife. Located at head of the entrance into the Halifax Harbour, Duncan’s Cove has a rich history of protecting the city of Halifax during WWII. Along the trail you will quickly find evidence of this, with remains from bunker towers that once contained naval guns, long-range optical finders, canons and residences for the soldiers commissioned to help guard our province’s capital city from any intruders via the ocean.